Travel insurance is vital for any foreign trip, especially for action sports holidays. Having adequate insurance is a condition of booking a trip with Action Outdoors. Make sure your insurance covers all the activities you intend to do. We strongly recommend that you arrange suitable insurance soon after you book your holiday; as well as providing cover for travel disruption, medical expenses and property loss, insurance often covers any injury, personal tragedy or travel changes which requires you to cancel your holiday before departure (check limitations). Neither Action Outdoors nor UCPA are liable to give a refund or pay compensation for circumstances out of our control e.g ski area closure due to lack or snow/extreme weather, travel delays/cancellations due to adverse weather conditions/road closures and the cancellation of a holiday by you due to injury or personal circumstances. Therefore please ensure the travel insurance you purchase provides adequate cover for all unexpected events. Read our cancellation policy for further information on cancelling your holiday.

We advise you to read the insurance policy closely, particularly what you will receive if your flight is cancelled due to bad weather or you miss your flight due to road closures, this has caught a few people out in recent years!

In addition to private travel insurance it is recommended all European citizens carry a valid EHIC card.

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