Here are four actions you can take to reduce your impact on the planet during your trip with UCPA UK and Action Outdoors:

  1. Bring Tupperware or a reusable lunch bag. With most lunches being 'packed lunches', you can reduce the need for cling film and other packaging by simply using a lunch box/bag. Ensure to dispose or any packaging correctly and recycle where possible.

  2. Bring a water bottle. There is very little need to buy bottled water but if you have to, make sure to recycle.

  3. Look at alternatives to flying. In winter there is the Snow Express which provides an excellent service from London directly to the resorts, also removing the need for an airport transfer. It is 7x less Co2 than flying, and it's often cheaper too! In the summer, there are trains, coaches, and even possibly driving if you are in a group.

  4. Travel for one longer trip, rather than lots of little trips. For most trips, the travelling aspect is the largest contributor of Co2 emissions. To reduce this, consider taking a longer trip or doing consecutive trips.

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